SailBook Cup is the longest regatta in Poland and second in the waters of the Baltic Sea, in which participants have to overcome approx. 600 NM. The route leads from Sopot around the island of Gotland (with pitstop in Visby) and Gotska Sandön that you need to go around the right side, with the finish line in Sopot.


mapa 2015 -01

 The idea of our race is to convince all amateur sailors that the opinion of the Baltic as difficult is wrong; we want to popularize cruises and open Baltic to all sailors. The competition is divided into three groups: ORC, KWR and Open. In addition to the general classification in each group, each stage is also counted separately, giving the opportunity to participate in only one stage. SailBook Cup Regatta are included in the Southern Baltic Cup classification as a offshore regatta, which are awarded with additional points. Tracking the progress of yachts will be possible thanks to the latest technology, a world leader in tracking – Yellowbrick.

Applications for the race can be made on the website or via e-mail: regaty@sailbook.pl. For the race there is 150 PLN charge for each person on board. You could follow updates on SailBook Cup, SailBook.pl and FB SAILBOOK.pl