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SailBook Cup & Corsair Cup

The year 2012 is a time for the oldest maritime club in Poland to celebrate  its 90. anniversary, Polish Maritime Club (PKM). PKM has very strong roots in history of sailing in Poland, and during those years it had great influence at  the tradition of communing with the sea.

During the celebration we will have two races: SailBook Cup and Rover Cup, which is organised by PKM. After the start, the course will lead around Gdansk Bay and the end the race will be also finish line for the Rover Cup. Those, who would like to take part in SailBook Cup 2012, will manage the course to Gotland just after passing finish line – in that case it’s possible to take part in both races, with one start up only.


There will be two ways of rating during Sailbook Cup 2012: ORC and KWR.

The meaning of these regatta is to bring people closer the idea of long-distance races and give sailors an opportunity to visit distant regions of the Baltic Sea. That is why we would like you to consider stopover on Gotland – maybe the island tour is not necessary? We would like to remind that stopover would be financed by participants individually. 

Don’t be hesitate to take part in both races, organized by PKM and

We’ve just finished Sailbook Cup 2011

Sailbook Cup 2011 – the longest sea regatta in Poland, became a history. We made them come true thanks to sailing companies, our great sponsors: Eljacht, C-MAP, Henri Lloyd, Ocean Sails, Societe Generale, Morka, BBV Systems, Sail Service, and all those people, who supported the event (you can find more about our supporters here:

From all contestants we know, that it was amazing idea to organize this event .

It was a pleasure to meet those, who support our attempt to restore real sea  races in Poland.

And how does it feel like to take part in such an event? Is it remarkable feat? Might say “yes”, might say “no”, but it’s not about the stunt, it’s all about competition, not only for racing crews. Of course, for some participants the stunt is more important than for the others, but our headword is “for sailors, from sailors” and that’s what we all have in common. Jacek Zieliński, the skipper of winning yacht – Quick Livener, who took part in such a long race for the first time, said:

“I fell in love with long distance races! It’s not about the start, or the physical condition of the crew while sailing on a tack. What really matters is perseverance and good wind (it has more to do with luck), you may also say it’s strategy – and there you go, everyone has a chance to win!”

Special thanks goes to Mr Andrzej Szrubkowski – thanks to him and Gdansk Shipyard Yacht Club kindness, we’ve had an opportunity to start our race from JSG. Also, we would like to thank our friends from Polish Maritime Club for giving us access to Baszta Łabędź – PKM headquarters – where the closing ceremony took place.

Friday (July 22, 2011) at 6.00 p.m., skippers, crews and their families have met at Baszta Łabędź. We exchanged our experiences, impressions (there was a lot to say) and all in nice and cosy atmosphere. There was also a toast with a glass of champagne – for successful return and a good finish. Skipper Jacek Zieliński and his crew were the fastest – they finished the race during 96 hours.

Referee of the regatta – Bogusław Kibort – have announced the results and all winners took their trophies. Then, Commander Piotr Mroczek, skipper of Korsarz announced, that for the 90. anniversary of PMC in 2012, the club is going to fund the Rover Cup – main prize in 2012.

In the end, there was some prize drawing (freebies from our sponsors) and time for a photo session.

Now we, instigators and organisers, would like to invite all adventuresome sailors to take part in the next edition – Sailbook Cup 2012.

Sailbook Cup 2011 results:

1. 1st place in KWR – skipper Jacek Zieliński and his crew

2. 2nd place in KWR – skipper Szymon Bąk and his crew

3. 3rd palce in KWR – Radosław Michta and his crew


Sailbook Cup 2011 Regatta was possible thanks to:

Sponsors: Jeppesen,Henri Lloyd Polska, Ocean Sails, Eljacht,  Sail Service, Morka, SG Equipment Finance, BBV Systems

Honour Patronage: Gdańska Federacja Żeglarska, Klaster Polskie Jachty

Partners: Jachtklub Stoczni Gdańskiej, Polski Klub Morski

Ahoy! Team

Integration meeting

July 15 from 11 am start of acceptation of notification in the Yacht Club regatta in the Gdansk Shipyard . About 17 pm for all reported crews organizers held a integration meeting with grill party.

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The SailBook Cup Regatta Opening Day

Today, 16.07.2011,  at 8:55 a.m. starting shot fired for SailBook Cup 2011, and shortly after that, legendary s/y Korsarz appeared in entrance of the Górki Zachodnie harbour. Korsarz, under the command of Captain Piotr Mroczek, belongs to PKM (the oldest Polish Maritime Club).


At 9.00 a.m., the boats began their journey in longest one-stage sea regatta – SailBook Cup 2011. The route leads: Górki Zachodnie – Gotland (with lap island by starboard) – Górki Zachodnie. Team

S/y Korsarz is taking challenge of SailBook Cup 2011!

S/Y Korsarz is taking challenge of SailBook Cup 2011!

We’re happy to announce that  today we received notification from the legendary winner of Sopot-Kiel “sailing artifact”.


All participants will have a chance to face the piece of history of Polish sailing which is owned by the oldest maritime club in Poland. It is also an opportunity for Korsarz to find a potential sponsor who would restore yacht to its former glory, while having a unique opportunity to enter into the history of this boat.

Start of Sailbook Cup 2011:

June 15, 2011, Gdansk Shipyard Yacht Club


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