All yachts crossed the finish line in Sopot

While in Visby almost all boats managed to reach the port the same day in the morning, in Sopot they came in very different time:
Polled 2 – 26.07 / 00.29:00

GoodSpeed – 26.07/ 05.48:00

Quick Livener – 26.07/ 23.11:00

Endorphine – 26.07/  23.32:00

Konsal – 27.07/ 07.46:00

Facil – 27.07/ 10.24:00

Atlantic Puffin – 27.07/ 08.28:00

Resumee – 27.07/ 10.09:00

Four Winds – 27.07/  11.07:00

Wanda – 27.07/ 15.40:00

Kristi – 27.07/ 18.25:00


The skippers plans were spoiled thanks to the variable winds near Hel and the Bay of Gdańsk. Because of the south wind, and above all, decreasing to 2 knots, we had to wait up to 10 hours for other participants.


Fortunately, everyone crossed the finish line successfully, both those who had decided to start in the second leg, and the crews that, from different reasons, headed south by using the engine, without taking a lap of the island by starboard.

At the finish line all boats were greeted with applause and the congratulation and talks about adventures ended in the late evening. The results of the different legs and the general classification will be published tomorrow morning.