First yachts crossed the finish line in Sopot

Saturday, July 26 at 0.30 Polled 2 was first to cross the SailBook Cup 2014 finish line in Sopot. Fans were waiting for the winners with champagne.
„The result of the race was clear during the first four hours from the start. Some yachts were lucky to catch some wind and were able to go further, but most of us were behind, unfortunately, with lack of wind.” said Jacek Chabowski, helmsman of the winning boat.

Łukasz Trzciński at GoodSpeed crossed the finish line at night, and Quick Livener and Endorphine should finish on Saturday evening.

This leg of SailBook Cup 2014 started from Visby on Wednesday, July 23, at 12.15. Boats had to sail around Gotland and Gotska Sandön by starboard and head to Sopot. The route is about 400 miles.