Heading north – Sailbook Cup 2014

The counter is ticking for another edition of SailBook Cup 2014. This is the fourth time we would like to approach the idea of ​​long-distance racing in the waters of the Baltic Sea for sailors and all the enthusiasts  of sea adventure.

This year a few miles more!

The route leads: Gdańsk-Visby-Gdańsk, with a lap around Gotska Sandön Island by starboard, so we guarantee 6 0 0 n m of adrenaline with a pitstop in Visby. In addition to the general classification, each of the legs is also counted separately, giving the possibility of participation for foreign yachts. For crews gathering strength for the second stage, we will provide an evening full of culture – “Polish Day” on the Swedish mainland.

South Baltic Cup

SailBook Cup is a part of South Baltic Cup as sea regatta, so there’s some extra points to take! Tracking the progress of yachts will be possible thanks to the latest technology from Y e l o w B r i c k – a world tracking leader.


We’re working with P O Z Ż, Henri Lloyd, O c e a n S a i l s, Work Service, Voith Industrial, Navcomm and Aero-vaerft so far but we’re still acquiring new partners so we would like to invite you to cooperation: regaty@sailbook.pl.


There’s no entry fee!

We will set things up, you just need to take one week off – the start is 1 9 . 0 7 . 2 0 1 4 at noon, as usual!

For more information see:  SailBook CUPSailBook.pl i FB SAILBOOK.PL

The event is organized by S a i l B o o k . p l – the biggest sail portal on Polish seaside, focused on sharing all the news in maritime trade.

sb cup 2014