The 4th edition of SailBook Cup has already started!

At the beginning, the participants chose different strategies and the result was that they split. Some decided to go more east while others headed straight, literally trying to cut Hel. As the wind has changed, the second choice proved to be more favorable.

Blagodarnost is leading constantly, followed by Polled 2 and Barnaba. Now, we still have the eye  and radio contact with the most of the participants.

Captain of the GoodSpeed reported some technical problem and he was forced to do pit-stop in Gdynia to deal with it. However, the crew announced their return to the route. Generał Zaruski had a small problem with the tracker, but now you should be able to see yacht on the Yellowbricks page.

The organizer’s yacht is slowly losing coverage, so you will get the further news from Gothland. In the meantime, we invite you to follow the progress of all yachts at TRACKING tab.