The great closing ceremony of the longest Baltic Sea regatta is over!

The participants and supporters of SailBook Cup 2014 had a unique opportunity to take part of the summary of the South Baltic Cup, thanks to our co-organizer, Pomeranian Sailing Association. And although our event – the closing ceremony of the SailBook Cup 2014 regatta – was supposed to be only associated event, it dominated SBC Gala, definitely.

There’s no better way to cheer us like contest!


SBC – 4% of 300 classified skippers had appeared

SailBook Cup – 56% of participants (there were 97 sailors) had appeared, and the same number of the supporters

The sailors from all over the country took a part in the ceremony – Wiesław Krupiński and his wife came here from Kielce, Dobrochna Nowak, the better half of Szymon Kuczyński (who’s currently on the Canaries and he’s preparing himself to take a part in journey around the world on Atlantic Puffin), came from Cracow, Dominik Kacprzak and Agnieszka Spodzieja arrived from Jastarnia, Konsal arrived from Puck with Ryszard Drzymalski, Małgosia Woźniak and Andrzej Czyranowicz on board, and Kristi – with Sławomir Frajkopf and Romek Jastrzębski from Tolkomicko.

The crew from Elblag was also there: Łukasz Politański with his wife and Adam Kapczyński.

The sailors from Tricity, their wives, fans and supporter were multiple, but it’s rather obvious as we consider the logistic part, but we would like to thank you all, that you were there with us.

Accept of speeches and mutual prizes during the SBC Gala, 12 sailors were awarded with trophies – what’s more important, 5 of them are our friends and participants of the SailBook Cup regatta.

The second part of the SBC Gala is definitely a proof of the success in organizing SailBook Cup. Our sailors took over the event, bringing ovations and cheers for the winners of the each class and the winners of our drawing as well.

The trophies for the 1st and 2nd leg, donated by Warmia and Masuria Marshal’s Office, received:


LEG I                                                                 LEG II

KWR           ORC            OPEN                  KWR                ORC             OPEN

1ST PLACE     Facil            Polled 2      Barnaba              Goodspeed     Polled 2       Wanda


2ND PLACE    Atlantic      Quick          Bystrze               Endorphine     Quick

Puffin         Livener                                                              Livener


3RD PLACE    Konsal         Four           Wanda                Facil                 Four Winds



The winner of the race and the SailBook Cup trophy is skipper Jacek Chabowski and his crew from Polled 2. As a souvenir, all winners received a wooden yachts staue.



KWR                 ORC                    OPEN

1ST PLACE        Endorphine     Polled 2              Wanda

2ND PLACE      Facil                   Quick Livener

3RD PLACE      Konsal                Four Winds


We appreciate not only the nautical skills, but also those abilities, which make our race a unique event. That’s why we decided to award them with special prizes:

–       a set of a book goes to Tomasz Konnak on Czarodziejka, for his company during the road to Visby;

–       in the category of the best radio during regatta: Kristi, for fighting to the end, and Four Winds, for sailing 400 miles without the mainsail; three radio broadcasts: Ana Kruszczyńska from Resumee, Monika Kwiatkowska from Goodpeed, Roman Jastrzębski form Kristi and Monika Wiater’s movie from Four Winds – we could see it at the beginning of the event – it attracted the attention of the viewers;

–       we decided (with all participants) to award Quick Livener with the Fair Play award, for helping Piorun IV, which lost the rudder 5 miles before the entrance to the port in Visby. The prize is a lifebuoy from Danish Aero- Værft.

–       The sail with Warmia and Masuria logo, donated by the Warmia and Masuria Marshal’s Office, goes to yacht Kristi – we will be able to see it in the next edition of the race;

–       Michał Weselak received oilskin donated by Henri Lloyd Poland (who’s with us from the very beginning) as the main prize in the category of the best report from the race. He had an opportunity to try it during the Battle of Gothland.


And the prizes during the drawing?

Kristi and Facil took Selden GX furlers, Atlantic Puffin and Polled 2 got gift sets form Ocean Sails, including a discount to sew the sail, bags, jackets, hats and mugs, Resumee was gifted by 3 Sails with GPS, tablet and mobile phone handles, Monika Kwiatkowska form Goodspeed took oilskin form limited edition Ostar for Dydek from Henri Lloyd, and Wanda, Four Winds, Endorphine and Konsal were awarded with VHF radio from Navcomm.


The awards ceremony was honored by:

Jerzy Wcisła – UMWiM

Maciej Krupa – sailor and City Councillor of Gdansk

Andrzej Schuetz – Henri Lloyd Poland

Andrzej Szrubkowski – Gdansk Sailing Federation

Bogusław Witkowski – PDSA


Sergey Pavlienko, Commander of Ost-West Kaliningrad Yacht Club and skipper of Blagodarnost II (which, unfortunately, has a fault before he even reached the platform), appreciated us for organizing such an amazing race in typical Slavic style. According to our racing ambitions, he received a rope from the yacht, as a gift.

Right after the official part of the event, we went to the headquarters of the Polish Maritime Club – Baszta Łabędź – to eat something, see the slideshow and begin the feast – which we ended at early morning.


We would like to thank all companies and institutions – the race would be impossible without our support! Special thanks go to:

–       companies Naftoport, Work Sercice, Voith Industrial and City of Sopot,

–       the founders of the awards: Selden Mast, Henri Lloyd Polska, Ocean Sails, Aero-Vearft, Navcomm, 3 Sails, Księgarnia Morska and Almapress (the total value of prizes reached 30.000 pln)

–       media partners: SSI, Tawerna Skipperów, The Prestige and W Ślizgu magazines, Młody Elblag, Radio Gdańsk, SVN, Baatsans and the New Kaliningrad,

–       and for exceptional commitment to the project of our race, and special prizes: Jerzy Kuliński, Warmia and Masuria Marshal’s Office with Marshal Jacek Protas, Regina Czymbor and Jerzy Wcisło from Regional Office.