OceanTEAM about Sailbook Cup 2012

We have finished Sailbook Cup 2012 just a few days ago, and a clock is already counting for the next edition. And I have to say, that I’m not surprised, because such a successful event makes you think of next one.

It wasn’t easy for me to be right on time, but it was a great opportunity to start testing my boat, so I couldn’t miss it. This is the largest (and the most ambitious) event in Poland – I would love to see single sailors at the start line – it would be the icing on the Sailbook Cup cake.

The race took place in an extremely friendly and welcoming atmosphere – from beginning to the end – thanks to the great organisation and overall “fair play” rule, which was very important. Everything was based on mutual support (when it was necessary).

The beginning of Corsair Cup, for some of us a little warm-up before SB Cup, was almost idyllic. But till the evening of day first, it has changed into a serious sea sailing. Afternoon, spectacular clouds appeared in the sky and just stayed there for a long, long time. During the next few hours, the wind increased and the waves became larger, but our ambition was to stay on course and to fight for some good speed – which leads to termination of equipment and damages.

As a result of our error, while reefing in the 32 knot squall, we lost our first sail. After that, it wasn’t so bad and we could do some small running repairs. The next day the weather gods rewarded us with beautiful weather and almost 12 hours of spinnaker ride straight to our goal.

We received a warm welcome from the Quick Livener’s crew in Visby. There’s a lot to say about the atmosphere during our Visby stopover: we supported each other while preparing yachts for the next stage and, of course, had great fun.

The next morning, three yachts, that left in the game, headed together to the northern tip of Gotland.

But in the evening, after restart we couldn’t see each other – we took our own strategies while heading to target. Of course, under the wind again, but we already got used to it. We had to reduce our sails at night because of forestay failure – so we’we lost our speed. Forenoon, we were thinking about our chances in the race, but it wasn’t so important anyway, cause we achieved a lot, considering that it was the first test for our yacht in heavy weather conditions.

Just imagine our surprise when we turned out, that we’re getting to the Gdansk at the same time (we saw Quick Livener just a mile away). After hundreds of miles of fighting in the open sea, we’re going head to head to the finish line – isn’t that nice?

The boat, after some serious repairs,  is ready for further challenges thanks to organisers support.

Amazing race, amazing atmosphere and some warm memories – I’m already counting  time for the next challenge.


Captain Krystian Szypka, s/y Sunrise