It happened…

Take a look at a very nice hot movie of our July’s event. Fond memories come back again :)

STS General Zaruski – 3rd watch report

I have to allow myself to begin this watch report with a short introduction. Names and surnames are not random, but what appears here is a little bit of fantasy, I’m saying just in case if someone would like to accuse us, that our reportage is passing the truth J It’s just imagination of the youth, feel jealous about it! Enjoy!


It was a long time ago, none of you had any idea what the bowsprit is, when captain Jaszczuk ran all over the yard harassing the girls and Mr. Boatswain was thinking of the area of the circle formula. In the hut, near the forest edge, lived a family of five – mother with her four sons. Why are we talking about it? What terrible things had to happen, if even TVN talks about it? Horrible and violent separation… Why? By whom? For what purpose? How? Till now, no one knows… However, this story has something more to offer than frightening with Baba Yaga and warning from go out to the woods alone. Well, as the time has shown, the fate gave another chance to the family.


Gdansk, Sienna Marina Causeway, Na Stępce St. at number 6, the yacht Generał Zaruski. The five meet on board and begin the journey, that has changed not only themselves, but also the other crew members. Or maybe someone else? It may have to change the world, and this yacht forever?

The race – this is how they are supposed to meet on the boat. Will they succeed? Does the future holds another trick? Take a listen to the story and you will get the answer…

The plan is simple: Gdańsk – Visby, lap around the Gothalnd. Who else’s on board? From this moment, nothing can save the family – just water, water, oak, pine and mahogany. Well, a little bit of iron, too. All those things together, named by yacht, ship, boat or sailing ship, are going to change the family forever (from now, their pet name was „3rd watch” to the evil slave-drivers).

Pull! Choose! Where are you going? Sail alarm! Everyone suffers from a lack of sleep. Hands are bleeding. Headache. It’s nothing! Midnight. She emerges from under the deck. The evil witch. Marika. Why she’s so terrifying? Maybe it’s because of the curse or an evil spell? According to the legend, one sunny day, Chinese lord Zong Zong Yao, also called Michael the Terrible, cast an evil spell on her. Since then, she wakes up at every midnight for four hours just to torture and mistreat the members of other watches, also those from the 3rd watch, our dearest family. Don’t sleep! Come off! Whet! Put the topsails! But it was nothing! She called out our family, even though it wasn’t their watch. Why them? Is there no mercy for them? How will it end?


Yuck, something stinks..! Pumping, pumping! Bucket after bucket! They’re even getting hurt by the other crew members. Injustice after injustice… Now, you cannot even use the bathroom… Is this a coincidence? No, I don’t think so. It was ovetherown! Fortunately, we handled the problem. However, the spell of uncertainty is still present in the toilets… Land! Earth on the horizon! Harbour! Visby! Hooray! There’s still a chance for us. Maybe there’s something, or someone, who will help them to change their fate?


Two days passed without uncertainty, fear and Marika, the witch. At first we visited the local healer, Ronald McDonald, who cured all superficial wounds and watered with the elixir of life, Coca-Cola. Then, they visited the local craftsmen, to buy some luxury artifacts from Sweden. There would be no end, if not those words – live action games. For his own amusement, Archduke Piotr, one of the drovers, decided to organize a competition, consisting scattering the rames made of stone all over the town. There was no way to do that. He was sure about that, so he offered a great prize – dinner, in one of his mahogany chambers and he was going to serve. It was a huge mistake! Our brave family managed with his task and they outfoxed Piotr. Now, they only have to wait for the promised dinner.


All good things must come to the end. After two days of waiting in the port, the skipper decided it was a time to go back to the sea. However, the family members hoped, that tall those unexpected events will impact positively in the situation on board. Fortunately, this time they were right. The next day, after a wonderful dinner made by family, you could see some positive changes in drovers behavior, which wasn’t the effect of pseudopea form herbalist Jake from Visby.

We organized some competition for the crew and they enjoyed it, even the Archduke Piotr took a part in it. However, boatswain didn’t like it, so he splashed everyone with cold water from the Baltic. They fell into the water and had to return on board. But, unfortunately, they were struck by the lack of the wind. Ahmed al Hatas, named Adam, tired to get some wind and he detonated a bomb on board. Instead, the shrapnel started the engine and we were kicked from the race.

However, the best it was yet to come. Archduke Piotr and his colleagues, the drovers, prepared a wonderful dinner for the family and the rest of the crew, which was served by the Duke himself, and finally, the family could feel as good as before.


So, our story slowly reaches to the end. Our brave five changed for better the officers, the yacht and everything, that had to be changed. Perhaps, they are still sailing, heading back to their port, hoping that the yacht will work as well as now and they still will be able to change the world.


p.s Still, the witch gets up at midnight.


Adrian Kościk

STS Generał Zaruski

Feast in SKZ Ergo Hestia Sopot

We go with the flow, we extended our race route on another island, so the Friday ” fitness training” can extend for a walk on the route Marina Sopot – Sopot Sailing Club. At the end, at the bar,” Sunshine” boar, pork, sausages, salads, bread and something for the soul, of course, the famous barrel q / L and the live band. 2 kilometers and 100 meters short walk, because that is the length of one of the stages of this journey, will certainly discuss strategies:) These more lazy we’d like to inform that there is possibility to anchor at the height of Sopot Sailing Club and dinghy club will endeavor to provide a dry feet on the shore. Smartly but in moderation, up to 23.00 , because the next day we complete the ambitious plan to peacefully take the Sweden.


Join as a crew member!

The lack of yacht should not be a problem anymore. If you want to join our regatta as a participant we have an ideal solution for you. Three of yachts offer bunks: s/y Bystrze, s/y Barnaba i STS Generał Zaruski.

For all information about fees, availability, strategies, please write to:

s/y Bystrze – kpt. Artur Sykson –


s/y Barnaba – kpt. Eugeniusz Jadczuk –


STS Generał Zaruski – kier. Biura Armatorskiego Krzysztof Dębski –


There are twenty of us!

We are proud to announce that there are 20 participants in our regatta!

Funny that except our PKM s/y Manjana the rest of yachts are foreigners. That is why we are welcome you even more dearly. Now we could truly say that the event is getting bigger and claim that is as well nationwade as international.


Strong crews from Russia:

s/y Blagodarnost II i s/y Mur Mur

IMG_1044 53-1

Crew from Puck:

s/y Konsal


Crew from Warmia:

s/y Kristi, s/y Mikka, s/y Cisza!


and our hommies s/y Manjana


Nearer and nearer..

There are only four days to subscribe to our race. Applications can be made on the website , e-mail : and at the Regatta Office. Yachts filed after June 15 will not be covered with trackers. For the race there is no entry fee.

In the meantime, we invite fans of sea sailing to an exhibition of photographs from previous editions SailBook Cup, which since June 12 will be exhibited in the “Przymorze Gallery ” in Gdansk.


Heading north – Sailbook Cup 2014

The counter is ticking for another edition of SailBook Cup 2014. This is the fourth time we would like to approach the idea of ​​long-distance racing in the waters of the Baltic Sea for sailors and all the enthusiasts  of sea adventure.

This year a few miles more!

The route leads: Gdańsk-Visby-Gdańsk, with a lap around Gotska Sandön Island by starboard, so we guarantee 6 0 0 n m of adrenaline with a pitstop in Visby. In addition to the general classification, each of the legs is also counted separately, giving the possibility of participation for foreign yachts. For crews gathering strength for the second stage, we will provide an evening full of culture – “Polish Day” on the Swedish mainland.

South Baltic Cup

SailBook Cup is a part of South Baltic Cup as sea regatta, so there’s some extra points to take! Tracking the progress of yachts will be possible thanks to the latest technology from Y e l o w B r i c k – a world tracking leader.


We’re working with P O Z Ż, Henri Lloyd, O c e a n S a i l s, Work Service, Voith Industrial, Navcomm and Aero-vaerft so far but we’re still acquiring new partners so we would like to invite you to cooperation:


There’s no entry fee!

We will set things up, you just need to take one week off – the start is 1 9 . 0 7 . 2 0 1 4 at noon, as usual!

For more information see:  SailBook i FB SAILBOOK.PL

The event is organized by S a i l B o o k . p l – the biggest sail portal on Polish seaside, focused on sharing all the news in maritime trade.

sb cup 2014

All is written on my face…

So here we go… Fortunately, despite our concerns, all participants were ready to take the challenge as they arrived at the start line (it wasn’t so obvious after the feast), and just before 12.00, without any needless delay, we took a course toward Gotland. Finally, 11 boats showed up at the start line (Albacora retired). After starting procedure (from the race Committee vessel – Aramis), accompanied by Major, Czarodziejka, Wareg and RIB from MOSiR, which had insured the regatta – regatta has started!

The weather is beautiful, just perfect for sailing – at least for the layman – the sun is shining, we have small waves, stable and quite strong wind. It has begun – I can’t believe this is for real. The last few months of preparation have gone very quickly, it was a very intense time, we had to buttoned everything up. Now, it feels like the time has stopped, I’m looking around and I’m really surprised when I notice that it’s happening right now. I’m going to the sea for the very first time.

I started to doubt, if I’m ready for this (or maybe it’s just the “yesterday training” effect), but my fear seems to be real: how do I manage the lack of the land in the horizon, what if the wave catch me up? But, in the same time, I’m very excited – I’m going to the sea for the first time and straight away, to the 500 miles of the race!

My collegue Rafał on the RIB, from our Gdansk Marina, cheers me up with his smile. We’ve talked a lot about the regattas and his previous cruising lately, so his smile insures me – it’s gonna be alright!

On-board, we have two winners of our competition, associated with regattas  -“Write and Swim” – Monika and Szymon. They’re both ambitious and just starting to fulfill they sailing dream.

At the beginning we couldn’t stop smiling. But after we passed Hel, Monika felt the first symptoms of seasickness. She found out very soon, that it would be better for her to stay recumbent, so she spent her watch also recumbent, whole way to Visby.

We (our captain Jacek Zieliński and I) were sleepy after yesterday, so we started to consider to give up our watch. Suddenly, we saw a storm on the west and we started to wonder, if the storm can reach us, or not?

Storm on the sea is not very pleasant, especially for the layman, so I decided to reconsider it by hiding myself in the cabin for a short time, to be honest I had to get some rest. Fortunately, our male part of the crew was fighting very bravely and we made it – without a single scratch. Maybe I shouldn’t say it, but the storm moved sideways ;)

The first night just passed. Apparently – I don’t remember that, but captians says so – when he tried to wake me up, when it was my turn to take a watch, I just smiled at him tellingly.

During the next few days it turns out that it’s quite normal for me – during the holiday I used to wake up with a huge smile on my face. And now I’m smiling all the time, maybe it’s because my mobile drowned in the sink, or because my laptop is turned off or perhaps because I still have maritime adventure in my mind?

I woke up at 4.00 a.m. and I saw Szymon (his expression was very telling), who had enough of the service for sure, so we swapped with each other.

And now we have come to the point, where the most terrifying moments of the race has began.

I go out and see, that s/y Słoni just passed us by on the left. I look at our sails and see only Genoa (it was there since the storm). My fighting spirit took control and I called: Jaaaaaceeeeek! Our skipper drags himself out of the cabin, he assesses the situation, and still sleepy he ordered to put our mainsail up, straight into the wind. Our plan looked good when it was in our heads, but when we tried to accomplish it… it was worse. I was barely awake when I set the rudder on the port side, Jacek’s eyes are at the top, he’s waiting for the right moment, and the boom is swinging.

– Watch out! – First avoidance – Watch out! – Second avoidance. There was no third avoidance (or warning). We heard a clunk when the boom hit Jacek’s head. Blood covered Jacek’s neck, ropes, capstans and white laminate turned into red.

There was no need to say a word, it was all written in our eyes – Jacek: the kids, Ola, Quick, how they will handle without me, I have to set everything up before I lose my consciousness. Ola: oh my God, he bleeds firmly, he’s going to pass out, what will I do without him with the kids and all that stuff, but I cannot show him how bad it looks.

We tried to overwhelm this situation, so we started to do something just to have time for mulled it.

Fortunately, Jacek has very hard head and swinging boom (when there’s no wind) is not a killer. We managed to regain control of the boat – Jacek took Ibuprom (analgetic), I took care of his wound, we cleaned the deck and some jokes broke the ice. Phew! We can go on.

If the winds blows, you will go further – it’s rather obvious. Our speed seems to be very very good, so we started to think, that maybe we will be able to reach Visby even today? But.. No way… Apparently Baltic wanted to give us some lesson, and we crossed the finish line in Visby 18 hours later..

In the meantime, we hit the calm. We felt the need to enjoy the moment of silence, the amazing flat sea around us, so we turned off the radio. I was lying in the stern and thinking about everything and completely nothing at the same time, capturing the smallest changes in the sky and the sea. As an award for my patience I saw two seals, only 50 meters from our Quick. Later we heard from our colleagues from Resumee, that those seals were very mean and they tried to take control over their boat :p

I have to admit that we’ve had a lot of luck on our way to Visby. Master of navigation, our captain, chose wrong harbour at the GPS, so we’re heading in the wrong one. We realized that after we turned there. As the time had shown, that error had some benefits. While other boats stuck in windless zone, sea currents pushed us straight to the target.

We saw the right harbour around the 12.00. The whole crew was very excited, so we crossed the entrance of the harbor prepared. Quick check-in, cleaning of the deck and we hit the city – straight during the Middle Ages Week. The city looked like in XIV century for a few days: ladies in long dresses, knights in full armor, braids, ring mails, swords, axes and bow, roast and Nordic music.

In the evening, we organised some Polish Day in Visby, vol. 1, which has finished about 5.00 a.m. We were talking, discussing about our strategies, problems, adventures and so on.

And, of course, jokes about Jacek, who apparently was secretly hit byMarina Gdansk bootsman with a crank, because he was late with his fee – what can I say? I’m not going to argue with those stupid talks, but I would recommended to pay the Marina fee on time ;)

We rent a car next day to look around and see those amazing cliffs along the coast of Gotland.

Another brilliant show of skills of our “master of navigation & orientation” – he tried six times before he found the largest cliff (the one he had an opportunity to see during the last edition of Sailbook Cup). Finally, we found the way and we stayed there for a few hours: swimming, sunbathing, taking photos – perfect chill-out.

After we paid 350 pln (sic!) for dinner, there was some time for shopping, and Polish Day in Visby, vol. 2 could began.

We were suppose to leave the next morning, but after we tossed a coin we decided to announce the start at 00.00. Charming boatswain form the Marina tricked me and we had to wait until the ferry Gotland came through. Anyway, about 00.30 all six boats headed  safely to the sea course, which was astonished for Swedes who were neighbouring the quay.

We’re trying not to fall asleep after we left Visby – who the hell is starting at night…I cursed.

There’s no wind, so there’s no chance of racing. We were gloomily during the whole day. I didn’t even noticed that we passed by Faro,  I probably missed the headland because of yawning and short snooze. Or maybe it’s because of sadness that we were going back already? We were all very lazy, so our guys arranged “Men Day”. I don’t remember what that’s supposed to mean to them, but the message was clear for girls: guys are doing everything, Monika and I can lounge – and so it was.

Finally came the night: deep and black, and terrifying depth. Three green lights ahead. The sky is covered with stars, the rustle of spinnaker on the light breath of breeze – we could hear it well, because of ubiquitous silence. Just great. I cannot stop myself and I decided to spend that night on the bow (I slept already on both lockers, stern, sides, almost every buck, next time I will have to hang myself on braces over the mast and boom;))

I woke up in the morning when Genoa started to tickle my nose and then I discovered that I lost captain’s red pillow forever. Hmm… maybe that’s the reason why he picked on me all the time?

The day was windy, with endless turns. In the evening, the wind increases, the waves are growing, forecast: 7-8 B – it’s going to hurt. The kids went to sleep, and we’re waiting what will happen, sitting in our sleeping bags.

The captain was undecided if we should reef or not, and now it’s too late. Because of the wave we have to fight for the couch on leeward. Finally, I hear the order to give mine back to the captain. Ok, that means that my watch is just finished and I can go to the cabin and fall asleep “properly”. “Properly” means my face was pinned to the right side, and when the wave is a little bit calmer, I fly with all our stuff over a bunk.

In the morning, between two snooze alerts, I exchanged places with our captain, he took off my bunk, I don’t know how, so now I became the skipper. The boat rocked completely, waves had 2 meters at least, I thought that my gifts for Neptune are just a matter of time. I decided to focus on taking photos, making video and all that would help me to forget that I have a stomach. Somehow I made it, but all is unequal fight and not everyone was able to win it…

And by the way, we’ve had a various meals during our journey. At first, we didn’t eat any dinner, then we had something very light, jelly, apples and sausages. We had our first real dinner in Visby. But in our way back home, our dinners were almost first class of food. The captain and I tried to guess what our kids would like to eat, so we started to prepare more fanciful meals (we wanted to catch Anitra, with their pancakes). Vegetarian meals and sandwiches were common in our menu, though our captain complains.

I didn’t get used to the sea, and to navigating without any help, but after few watches, I started to appreciate all electronics on the boat: thanks to autopilot I was able to forget myself at night, between 19 minutes of snooze (there was no chance to fall asleep, I need much more time than 19 minutes for that), and thanks to the aggregate I could take a warm shower in the middle of the sea. Of course, all devices was beeping sometimes without any reason or not in time, but it’s a cost we have to pay for our comfort.

Just a few hours before the finish of the race, our aggregate breaks down and we have to use our muscles at the helm. We’re sailing with full set of sails, and we don’t even have much time for any summary.

Longing parents are waiting on the shore, so we decided that the kids don’t have to clean on the boat. We can do this alone, though I feel a little bit dizzy during the next hour. We are excited that our journey was so successful, that we decided to welcome the rest of the crew, so hm.. vol. 3 – Polish Day in Poland?

In the end I found out, that the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen is water that surrounds me. Water and sky, that amazing  play-of-colours, freedom and unbridled force of nature.

It was perfect cruise, we could both relax and could see the fascinating world of sailing. I’m going to go on a course this year, and for all those undecided – it’s definitely worth it!

PS. Our captain allowed us to help, especially when he was asleep (extremely often) – it’s that type of a person… I’m writing ironically, because it goes deeper that that. The truth is, that Jacek did everything alone on-board, and we just tried not to disturb. Of course, trim used to tempt us, but we were helpless when it comes to Jacek’s ambition (though we admire it). He was always ready to fix something, when there was such a need – even if he was in the centre of the boat or asleep (?!), he heard, or maybe he felt, that something was wrong with the sails and we’re not on a right course. He was born with it, and he and Quick are working together perfectly, he deserves recognitions.

Thank you, Jacek, for the trip and that you brought us home safely.


Aleksandra Warecka

“We slowly stay ahead”

We would like to invite you to read a report from cpt. Jacek Zieliński about SailBook Cup 2013, published by the media patron of the regatta – SSI Jerzy Kuliński.

So, this is the end of the third long-distance (over 500 miles) sea regatta for “typical” boats. Even for the old ones. No professionals, none of those chasing the triangle, no herrings (except those on the plate in Visby). Truly amateur fun in sea racing.  The course of the race showed, that the participants are able to have fun. Yachts started from Gdańsk next day after I  devoured boar with other contestants (you can find it in the SSI). The route ran around Gotland. The halfway point in Visby, because it would be the unpardonable sin not to feel the wonderful and special atmosphere of the capital of the largest island of the Baltic Sea. Report wrote Jacek Zieliński – the main organiser of the event.

 Congratulations to all!

Zbigniew Rembiewski wrote about vests separately.

Don Jorge

This is the third edition of the race, and we’re receiving more and more notifications year after year. It is heartening J Once again the budget entities of Pomerania failed me, apparently you have to be Olympian to get any higher support than patronage and consent to put logo on our releases… If we compare a city of Gdansk and Pomerania’s support for different events, we get a null pln for SailBook Cup, and a few thousands for weekend regattas, e.g. Tri-City Sailing Cup.

We lose our willing to organise anything for anyone. Is there any better, or more simple way of maritime education than “Write and Swim” competition? Real sea sailing, jump in at the deep end, adventure, fear, challenge and a huge satisfaction!


Well, c’est la vie… I think that we could not utilize our work and financial contribution any better (although my wife does not agree with it, but she doesn’t read the SSI ;))

Thanks to generous support from sailing world, mostly from abroad, the founders of such great prizes (definitely worth those 500 miles struggling in the Baltic Sea), and Pomeranian Sailing Association benevolence – owning to the fact we could realize this project.





I couldn’t make it without you, without your help and benevolence there would be no Sailbook Cup regatta at all. Thank you very much. 

Friday,  August 2

Not everyone arrived at JSG on time, apparently meat must be held, but boar may stay, and indeed, we didn’t run off it till 2.00 a.m., when the others arrived. Perhaps we should have punished crews, who didn’t participate in training, but we agreed that it would be much harder for them without our punishment.

Saturday, August 3

Contestants, all brave and eager for a real adventure, came up at the briefing – it was going to be at least 4 days of heavy fighting.

Our teams:

Cpt. Łukasz Politański, s/y Facil/Elblag,

Cpt. Andrzej Grzejszczak, s/y Anitra/PMC,

Cpt. Adam Walczukiewicz, s/y Manjana/PMC,

Cpt. Siergiej Pavlenko, s/y Blagodarnost/NW,

Cpt. Zbigniew Rembiewski, s/y Słoni/JSG,

Cpt. Jan Kozarzewski, s/y SeaBee/AZS Gdansk,

Cpt. Andrzej Kruszczyński, s/y Resumee/ YKP Gdynia,

Cpt. Artur Sykson, s/y Bystrze,

Cpt. Eugeniusz Jadczuk, s/y Barnaba/ JK Conrad,

Cpt. Robert Niewiński, s/y Endorphine

And me, s/y Quick Livener/PMC.

After briefing and handshakes we had to move on fast, because the start was planned at 12.00, and weather forecasts weren’t very optimistic. At Quick were Szymon and Monika, two winners of “Write and Swim” competition, Aleksandra, our editor in chief, and one evil captain – me.

None of them was at sea yet (only Szymon has experience in racing on the water of the bay and various lakes). In for an inch, in for a mile.

Czarodziejka, Major and Wareg, winner of the Navslide adjustable tubing amount, accompanied us from the start line to the Visby. We are happy that you supported us for such a long time.

As for me, and probably other contestens, Barnaba were a real dark horse – the 37 tones followed after Pavlenko to the Visby almost like a locomotive.

1.30 p.m. – two miles to Hel, Endorphine is getting closer to us, Słoni at left, so the decision was clear –  we empty one of water tanks and pray, that getting rid of 120 liters of water is going to help. We’re flying 7 knots, maximum, and straight to the north.

3.42 p.m. – gentle waves are causing sleepiness in entire crew, 127 miles separating us from the Isle of Gotland, 7,3 knots of speed, skippers started to realize their strategies. I’m still working with trim of the sails.

6.40 p.m. – I fell asleep, still on the course, we can see that Endorphina is still close to us – we feel the adrenaline rush, average speed – 7 knots. Wareg and Mariusz probably turned at 6.00 p.m.

8.30 p.m. – Monika from “Write and Swim” doesn’t feel very well; our maximum speed: 7,7 knots!

10.30 p.m. – Green tops and the left – is that so, Słoni? I rigged the gennaker, crew members are taking a bath in the evening – more liters of water overboard, it will be easier for Quick! Speed: 7,6 knots.

10.45 p.m. – Somehow, I don’t want to fight with aggregate, so we use the engine, N55.36 E018.39.

11.20 p.m. – The engine stops: N55.40 E018.38. The crew report about approaching storm and lightnings somewhere fat at the south. My instructions: we all stuck in the cockpit and we’re exhausting ourselves to the death – this is the only way to fall asleep without sicknesses. To calm them I explained that I will reduce mainsail, and we will wait for the squall only with genoa (which is easy to furl). Later I had to pay for this decision – lack of swimming skills in the team.

Sunday, August 4

5.00 a.m. – Ola wakes me up and reports that the Słoni just passed us by on yellow spinnaker with huge speed. I jump into the cockpit without morning shower – I must admit that I overslept (as rigging mainsail, squall, that didn’t hit us and we’re still with genoa!).

Ola is at the helm, autopilot is on standby, and we need to set us to the wind. There was not time to think about a vest than. I didn’t want to lose just because I overslept. And it was an error after error: I knew that my crew is untrained and I could do it by myself, as always, but it’s all about being team – each and every one of us can do something to win, or lose.

So anyway, Ola slowly started to stand up to the wind, she didn’t select the mainsheet, so it almost hit me twice. Ready to select the halyard, I glanced at to top, if it’s time and suddenly, shot in the head. Capstan was in my blood, a million thoughts ran through my head, when I lose my consciousness, what will they do without me? I didn’t say how to start the engine yet, how to roll genoa, ok, maybe they call for help using radio or phone, but what about Quick? I tried not to look at Ola, she was scared and I knew that she thought it’s her fault. I set the course on autopilot, I took mainsail, and only blood on my neck was getting on my nerves.

I am a hypochondriac, so I was afraid to touch the wound and check if there’s a hole made by boom or just a cut… I took a towel from the railing and made an inspection.

But we were on the right course!

6.09 a.m. – 41 miles left to Gotland, weather forecast came true, there’s a lack of wind.

8.00 a.m. – We’re passing by Słoni, Sea Bee is right behind us for sure, but Endorphina is 5 miles ahead! I feel sort of sore, a little bit scared and I’m losing faith that we can ever regain this loss. I have never sailed by one sail during the regatta, so I guess that’s the punishment :).

12.30 – 3 miles left to turn to the west.

3.43 p.m. – Lack of wind – 8 knots, it’s still wavy and we’re slowly  breaking forward. Speed – 3,5 knots, and after hitting every wave it drops to 0,8. It’s annoying, my head hurts and we’re crawling:/ We’re going to eat broccoli, so we need something to them:)

4.50 p.m – Speed: 3,5 knots. It’s hot, so we’re catching some suntan, while waiting for broccoli. Someone is acting as a cook, so we will eat sandwiches and sausages with our broccoli, that’s nice. And there goes Słoni – larger and longer boat is not always faster on the wave, every hull has his own wave and wind, and we saw Słoni’s hull (typical for lake) as it simply flew straight to Visby!

6.20 p.m. – Headache is a great excuse not to carry the aggregate, but if not me, then who? The weight of the rest of the crew is around 104 kg:) Our position – N57.01 E018.03. The wind blows from the west, speed from 3,6 to 3,9 knots, we trim the sails gently and we move on slowly… We can hear Anitra and Bystrze on the radio, so it’s too late now, but I’m motivated to catch some dying wind.

6.40 p.m. – I discontinue to use the engine. Position: N57.03 E018.04. Włodzimierz Machnikowski from Radio Gdańsk is calling, and I gave him the wrong names of my crew members – though we sail together nearly 1,5 days. I’m not very proud of myself.

8.36 p.m. – I’ve dragged out the aggregate, we’ll have some warm water for a bath, and another liters of water will go overboard. Amazing sunset, no sign of Słoni, but from the years of practice I know, that it’s presents would be better result for Quick. The wind is getting weaker and weaker… Captain Kruchy from Resumee used to say: “We slowly stay ahead” :)

9.45 p.m. – 10 miles left for the island! Sergei had been already in Visby (from 2.00 p.m.). Słoni went more to the west, so we have advantage! News from 72. channel: Anitra has some problems with the currents, Endorphine at the autopilot, Resumee with pink spinnaker – straight from Beata Use. I’m listening to our power eater and I’m thinking about the future: I would like to install the wind autopilot. Now our speed is 0,3 knots.

11.20 p.m. – Night is beautiful and hot, the crew is sleeping, and I started to dance with spinnaker, gennaker, genoa – all possible configurations on the Baltic, near Gotland. Is there something more beautiful? DEFINITELY NOT! Speed: 2,5 knots, I feel tired but there were rocks everywhere… 22 miles left to the Visby.

Monday, August 5

00.31 – Lilia Karlskro on the starboard. I turned the engine on, because the gas from aggregate don’t want to leave Quick somehow. N57.18 E018.05, I raise spinnaker once again and – 2,5 knots of speed.

1.27 a.m. – I turned off the engine, N57.20 E018.05.

3.24 a.m. – I am exhausted, it’s dawn, fog… I’m waking up Ola for her first watch, and she smiles at me weirdly! She probably thought I was joking, and I’m going back to the cockpit, alone.

4.30 a.m. – Another try: the effect is the same – I received a huge Slavic smile from Ola! I felt like a fool and I went  for the last 19 minutes of snooze in Małachowski’s wet sleeping bag, proven during the Battle of Gotland. In the morning I asked Ola, what is that insubordination supposed to mean. Her response was that she always smiles in the morning unconsciously, and she didn’t get up, because I didn’t wake her up. Well… There will be time to sleep off.

6.00 a.m. – Great news, according to tracking report Słoni and Barnaba are ahead! These are true friends – they’we waited :) Barnaba, with its 37 tons, need some steam, and Słoni use this immediately. I must admit, that the morning breeze will allow us to welcome Barnaba in Visby, but from the far west with one tack Barnaba reach the entrance of the harbour. We made it a few minutes after: at 11.12.55.

Considering the first stage, Zbyszek Rembiewski with Słoni deserves for huge applause: he crossed the finish line as second in general, with Pegaz 800, three crew members and without the autopilot. That’s amazing! And Zbyszek is an amazing guy!

In Visby after claring we were  walking down the charming streets and just admire how other people are having fun: people dressed in costumes – it was the Middle Ages Week.

The rest of the boats anchored in the Baltic Sea, while waiting for some wind. The last boat – Anitra – hit the finish line at 2 a.m. Of course, we welcomed the skipper and his crew. We exchanged our experience, stories, strategies, what went wrong and so on. We were proud that we finished the race – that’s what’s all about!

Tuesday, August 8

The next day we woke up at 10.00 a.m. – Barnaba was already starting its way back home – the crew was afraid that they get stuck somewhere without any wind (according to the weather forecast). But life is life, and they could not avoid small stopover on the Baltic :)

In accordance with the sailing instruction, there was no obligation to start the second stage at the same time. Me, Ola and our winners took a trip in rented car and we admired the cliffs and Gotland beaches full of rocks. There was a briefing for skippers in the evening. There we decided to organise “Polish Day in Visby”, and start again at 00.00. Unfortunately, we had to start at 00.20, because of the ferry Gotland. Six boats moved together along the shore to go around Gotland and straight to home.

Wednesday, August 7

This was the half point of the adventure, and now we’re going back home.

We were last  before and after Faro, so there’s not much to write about – we were  a little bit sad. I tried to console my crew, that each boat has its own wind and it’s definitely not for Quick and moreover, this is not proper when organiser wins. The participation in the regatta is based at ability to lose (with honor). I was a little bit annoyed when I was listening at 72. channel how my opponents were making jokes but their good mood only gave me strength to fight. Endorphine has only 20 miles of advantage, and the weather is very tricky…

11.31 a.m. – We’re passing Faro, average speed – 2 knots.

12.25 p.m. – The engine stops – N57.59 E019.22

4.14 p.m. – Skipper’s stuff, and we began to feel wind, speed: 3,0 knots. Only the crackling of sails is irritating.

4.40 p.m. – Another snooze in sleeping bag, speed: 5 knots.

5.26 p.m. – 196 miles to Hel. We can hear Sea Bee on 72. channel, but they can’t hear us, guess they are somewhere around.

8.41 p.m. – 186 miles to the target, speed: 3-4 knots. Dinner, shanties – we decided together with Szymon the “Men Day” and as a gesture of good will, we promised our ladies the “Women Day” that will take place for in two weeks (if we will continue the race). They were delighted!

9.45 p.m. – The wind blows from the east, my favourite one, so spinnaker goes up! Speed: 3 knots.

Thursday, August 8

00.05 – Amazing hot night, stars, no wave, sleep on the bow, we fly with basic sails… I must admit it happens the first time in my life. It’s hard to describe, so you just need to imagine that.

00.38 – The calm.

1.00 a.m. – The southwest wind blows, straight to Hel, our speed: 3 knots:)

3.00 a.m. – The wind has changed again, no time for sleep… Quick settings changeover, the course stays unchanged.

12.00 – I woke up and saw some mysterious cakes made by Ola. She is a vegetarian, so I have to forget about a meat near her. I look at the cakes, there’s something strange about them… is this some kind of trick? Apparently everyone had eaten and they are still alive, but they’re watching me and it’s suspicious! Yesterday we had “Men Day”, so I need to be wary. It was short decision – I threw them overboard when I had a chance. I thanked politely and gave back a clean plate. I am writing about this, because it’s already got out. The other results of our “Men Day”: Ola initiated “historical changes”, that mean if she cooks, I will have to wash the dishes;/ My crew is so vindictive, but the race is not done yet.

We can hear the chatting between Barnaba, Sea Bee and Endorphina, so they are well moored :)

4.00 p.m. – It’s ok, apparently night settings and choosing a shorter route was a good idea, Endorphine is far on our 8. We can hear the storm in the distance.

5.30 p.m. – A fresh breeze from the east gives us 5,8 knots of speed, but we have to trim the sails, because of constant changes. It feels like the weather is going to change.

8.43 p.m. – Lack of the wind and another change, speed: 1,6 knots (only!)

10.30 p.m. – Speed: 3 knots, Endorphine reported that west wind between 20 knots is getting close, Szymon i Monika are sleeping, Ola and I started to hide food and everything that is not attached to the deck. We’re thinking about the reef. I had no desire to reef, and I thought it was of Ola’s presence on board – you know, Ola + boom = … maybe later? My final decision was to postpone the kip genoa back, and loose boom vang.

This is the race, not maritime education program.

11.39 p.m. – The wind started to blow faster, the wave is slowly growing, we’re waiting for 20 knots of the wind.

Friday, August 9

00.40 – Lack of visibility, the course is perfect, speed: 5,4 knots. According to the GPS, our time of arrival to Hel is 4.30 p.m.

2.24 a.m. – No more games! Speed of the wind: 6,7 knots. When autopilot goes mad and it drops off and the water is seeping into the cockpit, it’s scary, dark, and now I definitely have no inspiration to reef.

6.10 am – The aggregate is flooded and I cannot turn it on and I am not a big fan of turning on the engine in such a large inclination, but I have no other choice – it’s turning off in a while. Lack of oil and heeling resulted as aeration of the fuel, and I was so proud of Honda aggregate, still in Visby… I should have kept my mouth shut. It seems that I have to use batteries to the end, but in case it wouldn’t work, I will have to teach my exhausted crew manual navigation.

I’m not used to sail with such a large crew, so we have some problems with sleeping logistics. Three double bunks, three people – last free bunk is on the windward and without a storm cover, so it doesn’t count, cockpit… I am not a seal. I’m sure the wind is stronger than 20 knots, we’re diving into the waves again and again, and this full set of sails…

This is my only chance to improve our results after serious pounding on our way from Visby.

So I have no choice and I have to share a bunk with the first officer. Of course, sleepy Ola answered for my request with her “Slavic smile”. I wasn’t sure if she sleeps and smiles, or she agrees and smiles or whatever… Exhausted, I lay down at the end of a bunk, and after few 19 minutes of snooze I heard, that it is not pleasant to be pinned by 90 kilos of muscles, and pushed at the pile of clothes, bags and shoes…

It’s all about my first officer! I wasn’t in a mood so I just muttered that we’ll talk about it tomorrow:) She couldn’t stand it so she took the watch! She has a big heart :D

12.30 – The wind turns into 20 knots and it stood still, so we were able to put the correct course, speed: 7,4 knots. I took care of aggregate, the crew took care of navigation – quite large zigzags, as for regattas :)

Aggregate was still silent, heeling decreased, so we could turn on the engine. I was content and started to sing: “I won’t go back to the sea…”. Speed: 8,4 knots!

1.17 p.m. – Our position: N54.57 E18.48.

5.52 p.m. – The bay! The Szymon’s nausea passed, Monika finally got up. And speed: 8 knots!

6.43’55 p.m. – The FINISH LINE!

I know that Quick has more potential, but the safety of our first, and probably last winners was more important. It was something new for both of us, and not so good choice of insurer – Pantaenius Poland – didn’t encourage  to take the risk and pay higher insurance premium:)


I know that the regatta is difficult, but only that kind of race can bring so much satisfaction to all participants and those, who completed the race. I would like to thank to all colleagues, friends, sailors for taking the challenge. I don’t know the result of the race yet, because we are waiting for the rest of time results – accordance with the most important principle of the regatta: “gentlemen’s agreement”.

We will check how many mistakes were made among out 10 boats – I have honestly confessed mine:)

As I look at the start list I am certain that this is not battle of famous names, but this is the race for ambitious amateurs – I invite only those ;)

The closing ceremony of regatta starts at 5.00 p.m. on this Friday (August 16) at POZŻ headquarters. All participants are invited.