OceanTEAM about Sailbook Cup 2012

We have finished Sailbook Cup 2012 just a few days ago, and a clock is already counting for the next edition. And I have to say, that I’m not surprised, because such a successful event makes you think of next one.

It wasn’t easy for me to be right on time, but it was a great opportunity to start testing my boat, so I couldn’t miss it. This is the largest (and the most ambitious) event in Poland – I would love to see single sailors at the start line – it would be the icing on the Sailbook Cup cake.

The race took place in an extremely friendly and welcoming atmosphere – from beginning to the end – thanks to the great organisation and overall “fair play” rule, which was very important. Everything was based on mutual support (when it was necessary).

The beginning of Corsair Cup, for some of us a little warm-up before SB Cup, was almost idyllic. But till the evening of day first, it has changed into a serious sea sailing. Afternoon, spectacular clouds appeared in the sky and just stayed there for a long, long time. During the next few hours, the wind increased and the waves became larger, but our ambition was to stay on course and to fight for some good speed – which leads to termination of equipment and damages.

As a result of our error, while reefing in the 32 knot squall, we lost our first sail. After that, it wasn’t so bad and we could do some small running repairs. The next day the weather gods rewarded us with beautiful weather and almost 12 hours of spinnaker ride straight to our goal.

We received a warm welcome from the Quick Livener’s crew in Visby. There’s a lot to say about the atmosphere during our Visby stopover: we supported each other while preparing yachts for the next stage and, of course, had great fun.

The next morning, three yachts, that left in the game, headed together to the northern tip of Gotland.

But in the evening, after restart we couldn’t see each other – we took our own strategies while heading to target. Of course, under the wind again, but we already got used to it. We had to reduce our sails at night because of forestay failure – so we’we lost our speed. Forenoon, we were thinking about our chances in the race, but it wasn’t so important anyway, cause we achieved a lot, considering that it was the first test for our yacht in heavy weather conditions.

Just imagine our surprise when we turned out, that we’re getting to the Gdansk at the same time (we saw Quick Livener just a mile away). After hundreds of miles of fighting in the open sea, we’re going head to head to the finish line – isn’t that nice?

The boat, after some serious repairs,  is ready for further challenges thanks to organisers support.

Amazing race, amazing atmosphere and some warm memories – I’m already counting  time for the next challenge.


Captain Krystian Szypka, s/y Sunrise

SailBook Cup: Reviewing the 2012 edition

The closing ceremony of the longest and – some would even say – the toughest regatta in Poland, took place on August 11, Gdansk Shipyard Yacht Club during the first day of the Mayor of Gdansk Cup race. On this occasion we set up the Brotherhood of Gotland– for those, who completed the entire route of the race. The first members of the Brotherhood were honored with medals and assigned to the memorial book.


Because of other responsibilities, many contestants couldn’t stay at the closing ceremony (Facil was at the Lagoon, Sunrise and Femtan headed to the Unity Line), but every skipper had his own representative.

The winner of the first place – Ryszard Żełudziewicz at Femtan – took the trophy and brand new oilskin, prize funded by Henri Lloyd. It is an honor to fail a fight with such an opponent, but it doesn’t mean that I will let this happen next year!

Second place belongs to me and my Quick Livener – I won Raymarine radio, funded by Eljacht – yacht electronics leader in our market.

The winner of the third place is Krystian Szypka at Sunrise, and SailBook Cup race was his warm-up before OSTAR 2013. Krystian, who continued the fight despite loss of equipment, deserves special congratulation. Ocean Sails (Sailmakery) took care of the boat and thanks to that, Sunrise was able to check-in at the Unity Line start line.

Unfortunately, lots of the yachts couldn’t complete the race – cause of several conditions, beyond our reach, so I hope that the conditions will be much better in the next year. You can see those, who decided to take a challenge below:

s/y Słoni, skipper Zbigniew Rębiewski, Warsaw

s/y Facil, skipper Łukasz Politański, Elblag

s/y Asterion, skipper Ryszard Unton, Gdansk

s/y Anitra, skipper Andrzej Grzejszczak, Gdansk

s/y Lady Octet, skipper Szymon Bąk

Jerzy Kuliński donated prizes for skippers – his pilot books – priceless, for all Baltic explorers. Ocean Sails owner, also active sailor, awarded participants with bags full of gadgets, straight from his Sailmakery.

Eljacht donated bags and Musto fleece for bootsman Kate from Marina Gdansk – thanks to her Marek Wilczek, photographer from Szczecin, had an opportunity to show his skills while sitting on a pontoon (borrowed from the MOSiR of Gdansk) and taking photos of the yachts.

Sailing schools – Junga and Morka – funded prizes and provide referees for the race.

Thanks to City of Pruszcz Gdanski, Minucipality of Pruszcz Gdanski and Factoria of Pruszcz Gdański we’ve had food and drinks for the opening and closing ceremony of the SailBook Cup (including famous boar).

Polish Maritime Club and Commander Piotr Mroczek made very charming marina in Wisłoujście Fortress available. We were guests of the Gdansk Shipyard Yacht Club, captain Grzegorz Czarniawski and Mr. Andrzej Szrubkowski during the closing ceremony.

Sailing Federation of Gdansk has provided free measurements to obtain KWR rating, and gave our contestants full support (I hope that Sailbook Cup deserves to put it permanently in the Bay of Gdank Cup calendar). The Pomerianian District Sailing Association, in accordance with its mission, gave us organisational and financial support.

I would like to thank everyone for the support.



Eight boats, eight skippers and eight crew took part in this edition of the race. There were no incidents (despite of adverse conditions). What is worth to say, is that all of the boats are private yachts, and participants are amateurs – as you can see, there are real sailors between amateurs too. The good sign for the next edition of Sailbook Cup is the fact, that we had really a high turnout this year (other events in the Bay were not so popular).

For the future

According to the clock only 346 days left to the next edition of the race, that’s why we already started prepares and we are looking for sponsors: thanks to the funding we will be able to initiate tracking – which will increase the value of the event in the media and, undoubtedly, add some special emotions – it’s a different thing to take part in the race, when you know that everyone can see where you are, how fast you go, and they keep their fingers crossed for you.

Our participants came from all over the coast, so maybe it’s time to invite our neighbours form east and north too? Maybe there are some fans of the long-distance adventures?

What I have in my mind, thanks to Krystian Szypka by oceanTEAM advice, is to join a group of solo sailors, or add some time bonus for individual contestants.

Captain Jacek Zieliński

We’re counting time for SailBook Cup 2012

This year we will face the 600 miles of sailing around the Isle of Gotland and our journey will be extended by Gdansk Bay – the route of the Corsair Cup race.

Main trophy – the Cup –has been reconstructed with large help from the Pomeranian Sailing Association. POZŻ also decided to fund this precious trophy for 90. anniversary of Polish Maritime Club. This award will go from hand to hand, and will be exhibited in Baszta Łabędź – headquarter of PKM.

We also decided to dedicate Corsair Cup Race to Grzegorz Pettke (Polish sailor) who died recently. It’s our way (all sailors and PKM) to express our respect for the late colleague.

For the first time, round-the-Gotland race participants will have an opportunity to take part in both races at the same time: one start line, two finish lines. And what’s more important – it’s going to be circa 100 hours of heavy fights between opponents.

This edition of SailBook Cup is also supported by our sponsors: Henri Lloyd, Sailmakery Ocean Sails, Morka, Pomeranian District Sailing Association, Grzegorz Kuliński, Eljacht, Junga, City of Pruszcz Gdański, Faktoria Pruszcz Gdański and Municipality of Pruszcz Gdański. Of course, we have also great support from the Gdansk Shipyard Yacht Club and Gdansk Sailing Federation.

I would like to thank our supporters for helping us to restore real sea regatta, and I hope that together we will create a new quality of Baltic Sea races.

The opening will take place on Friday at 6.00 p.m., July 27, at PNC headquarters, near Wisłoujście Fortress.


Our special guest at the opening ceremony will be a boar (filled with buckwheat and potatoes) and infamous Q/L barrel.


All sailing enthusiasts are welcome to join us!

Captain Jacek Zieliński


We’ve just finished Sailbook Cup 2011

Sailbook Cup 2011 – the longest sea regatta in Poland, became a history. We made them come true thanks to sailing companies, our great sponsors: Eljacht, C-MAP, Henri Lloyd, Ocean Sails, Societe Generale, Morka, BBV Systems, Sail Service, and all those people, who supported the event (you can find more about our supporters here:

From all contestants we know, that it was amazing idea to organize this event .

It was a pleasure to meet those, who support our attempt to restore real sea  races in Poland.

And how does it feel like to take part in such an event? Is it remarkable feat? Might say “yes”, might say “no”, but it’s not about the stunt, it’s all about competition, not only for racing crews. Of course, for some participants the stunt is more important than for the others, but our headword is “for sailors, from sailors” and that’s what we all have in common. Jacek Zieliński, the skipper of winning yacht – Quick Livener, who took part in such a long race for the first time, said:

“I fell in love with long distance races! It’s not about the start, or the physical condition of the crew while sailing on a tack. What really matters is perseverance and good wind (it has more to do with luck), you may also say it’s strategy – and there you go, everyone has a chance to win!”

Special thanks goes to Mr Andrzej Szrubkowski – thanks to him and Gdansk Shipyard Yacht Club kindness, we’ve had an opportunity to start our race from JSG. Also, we would like to thank our friends from Polish Maritime Club for giving us access to Baszta Łabędź – PKM headquarters – where the closing ceremony took place.

Friday (July 22, 2011) at 6.00 p.m., skippers, crews and their families have met at Baszta Łabędź. We exchanged our experiences, impressions (there was a lot to say) and all in nice and cosy atmosphere. There was also a toast with a glass of champagne – for successful return and a good finish. Skipper Jacek Zieliński and his crew were the fastest – they finished the race during 96 hours.

Referee of the regatta – Bogusław Kibort – have announced the results and all winners took their trophies. Then, Commander Piotr Mroczek, skipper of Korsarz announced, that for the 90. anniversary of PMC in 2012, the club is going to fund the Rover Cup – main prize in 2012.

In the end, there was some prize drawing (freebies from our sponsors) and time for a photo session.

Now we, instigators and organisers, would like to invite all adventuresome sailors to take part in the next edition – Sailbook Cup 2012.

Sailbook Cup 2011 results:

1. 1st place in KWR – skipper Jacek Zieliński and his crew

2. 2nd place in KWR – skipper Szymon Bąk and his crew

3. 3rd palce in KWR – Radosław Michta and his crew


Sailbook Cup 2011 Regatta was possible thanks to:

Sponsors: Jeppesen,Henri Lloyd Polska, Ocean Sails, Eljacht,  Sail Service, Morka, SG Equipment Finance, BBV Systems

Honour Patronage: Gdańska Federacja Żeglarska, Klaster Polskie Jachty

Partners: Jachtklub Stoczni Gdańskiej, Polski Klub Morski

Ahoy! Team

Integration meeting

July 15 from 11 am start of acceptation of notification in the Yacht Club regatta in the Gdansk Shipyard . About 17 pm for all reported crews organizers held a integration meeting with grill party.

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The SailBook Cup Regatta Opening Day

Today, 16.07.2011,  at 8:55 a.m. starting shot fired for SailBook Cup 2011, and shortly after that, legendary s/y Korsarz appeared in entrance of the Górki Zachodnie harbour. Korsarz, under the command of Captain Piotr Mroczek, belongs to PKM (the oldest Polish Maritime Club).


At 9.00 a.m., the boats began their journey in longest one-stage sea regatta – SailBook Cup 2011. The route leads: Górki Zachodnie – Gotland (with lap island by starboard) – Górki Zachodnie. Team

S/y Korsarz is taking challenge of SailBook Cup 2011!

S/Y Korsarz is taking challenge of SailBook Cup 2011!

We’re happy to announce that  today we received notification from the legendary winner of Sopot-Kiel “sailing artifact”.


All participants will have a chance to face the piece of history of Polish sailing which is owned by the oldest maritime club in Poland. It is also an opportunity for Korsarz to find a potential sponsor who would restore yacht to its former glory, while having a unique opportunity to enter into the history of this boat.

Start of Sailbook Cup 2011:

June 15, 2011, Gdansk Shipyard Yacht Club


Ahoy! Team